Rayshard Brooks, 27

Died on June 12, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia

In a Wendy’s parking lot, Brooks was being arrested for DUI. Brooks was on probation after a 2-year jail sentence, and if arrested again might have been returned to jail. He grabbed an officer’s taser and ran, firing the taser back in the direction of Rolfe and the other officer. As Brooks ran, Rolfe shot him 2 times in the back, a third bullet hitting a nearby car with people in it. The prolonged encounter was recorded from many cameras.

After Brooks can be seen falling to the ground, Rolfe appeared to say, “I got him,” then kicked Brooks, who later died in surgery. In April 2020, Officer Rolfe had completed a 9-hour course in de-escalation techniques. He has been charged with felony murder, and the other officer with aggravated assault.

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