Update: Breonna Taylor

The September issue of O Magazine features a photograph of Breonna Taylor, demanding that her killers be charged with her murder. Oprah has also paid for the magazine cover to be on 26 billboards around the city, one billboard for every year of Taylor’s life.

Protests in the streets of Louisville have continued every night for 70 days. Protesters are also demanding the arrest and indictment of the three police officers who killed Taylor: Brett Hankison (who has been fired), Jon Mattingly, and Myles Cosgrove. The Louisville Metro Police yesterday announced that protesters will no longer be allowed to march in the public roads, but must stay on the sidewalks. Several protesters were arrested last night as the police began enforcing these new restrictions.

Louisville District Attorney Daniel Cameron (R), elected in late 2019 with 58% of the vote, has not filed charges against the policemen who killed Breonna. He has not met in person with the Taylor family. He was recently married at a “small, private outdoor ceremony,” to which Sen. Mitch McConnell was a guest.

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