Today’s Microaggressions

A few days ago I posted about Microaggressions, because I want to learn how to recognize them. Today, the whole country got a nasty example, twice.

Example 1 – After Joe Biden announced that Sen. Kamala Harris was his pick for vice president, the current president called her “nasty” and “disrespectful.” Have you noticed that he tends to accuse his opponents for what are his own worst qualities? And dismiss women? Just saying.

Example 2 – Then on Fox TV, soon after Biden announced his pick, Tucker Carlson mispronounced her name. A white male panelist interrupted to explain that Kamala was pronounced like punctuation, COMMA. Accent on the first syllable: COM-ma-la.

Carlson shrugged off the correction with the comment that it didn’t really matter. He let his disrespect stand against a Democratic woman of color who will be a formidable opponent to the white male incumbent he champions, Mike Pence. “Or whatever,” Carlson said before he changed the subject. I saw this as a clip on another cable news program, not because I watch Carlson or Fox.

I’m looking forward to the Oct. 7 vice-presidential debate, when we’ll all get to see the bi-racial former prosecutor, attorney general, and current US Senator Kamala Harris demolish the white guy.

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