Julian Lewis, 60

Died on Aug. 7, 2020 in Sylvania, Georgia

Julian Lewis, a Black man, was driving on Stoney Pond Road to get his wife Betty a grape soda. When he was pursued by Georgia State Patrol Trooper Jacob Thompson, who is white, for a burned-out taillight, Lewis did not stop. Thompson pursued him, using his patrol car to force Lewis’s car into a ditch. As Trooper Thompson got out of his car, he drew his gun. Claiming to be in fear for his life that Lewis would drive into him, the trooper fired, killing Lewis with one bullet to the head. The next day, Trooper Thompson was fired. On Aug. 14, he was charged by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations with felony murder and aggravated assault.

2 thoughts on “Julian Lewis, 60”

  1. Powerful in the innocence of the detail: going to get a grape soda for his wife….and the implicit fear that made him not want to stop the car.

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