Trayford Pellerin, 31

Shot and killed on Aug. 21, 2020 in Lafayette, Louisiana

From national and Lafayette news today: On Friday, Aug. 21, 2020, an 8pm disturbance call about a Black man with a knife in the parking lot of a Circle K gas station drew Lafayette police to the location. When they attempted to arrest him, Trayford Pellerin, the man holding the knife, walked away from them. They attempted to Tase him, without effect. As Pellerin continued walking, knife still in hand, six police followed him on foot for about a half-mile to a Shell Station, with their guns drawn. As he approached the gas station, surrounded by the six officers, Pellerin was fired on 10, possibly 11, times. He was pronounced dead that night at the hospital.

The shooting was recorded on a cell phone by bystander Rickasha Montgom, who posted it online. This is the third shooting by Lafayette police in the past 5 weeks. All of the officers involved in the shooting of Trayford Pellerin are on administrative duty with pay. The Louisiana State Police are investigating, at the request of the Lafayette Police Department.

On Saturday, protesters gathered at the site to demand justice for Pellerin’s murder by police. When the marchers moved into the street, Lafayette police broke up the protest with smoke grenades. At least 2 were arrested.

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