Daniel Prude, 41

Died of suffocation March 30, 2020 in Rochester, NY

Daniel Prude lived in Chicago, and was visiting his brother in Rochester, New York in March 2020. On March 22, he had been hospitalized briefly with mental issues. The next day, March 23, his brother called 911 because Daniel was in an erratic state and ran out of the house. Police found him running down the street, naked. They put his wrists in handcuffs behind his back, then put a spit hood over his head because he was trying to spit on them. One policeman held Daniel’s head down on the pavement, another kept a knee on his back. After 2 minutes, the police noticed that he wasn’t moving anymore. They attempted CPR before the ambulance arrived.

Seven days later, on March 30, Daniel died in the hospital. The medical examiner ruled his death due to the complications of asphyxia with physical restraints. Manner of death: Homicide.

Nobody heard about Daniel Prude’s death, two months before George Floyd was killed by police. It took until Aug. 20, 2020 for the family to obtain police body cam footage of Prude’s death, after filing an open records request. On Sept. 2 the family held a news conference to make the excruciating footage available and demand justice. An investigation is now underway by the New York Attorney General. The officers involved are still on duty.

Update 9/3/2020: The 7 officers involved in Daniel Prude’s death have been suspended from the Rochester Police Department — with pay — while investigation ramps up due to the publicity caused by this week’s release of body cam footage not made available before.

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