Andrés Guardado, 18

Shot and killed on June 18, 2020 in Gardena, California.

Andrés Guardado, a Salvadoran American, age 18, was shot and killed by two White police officers in an alley in Gardena, California on June 18, 2020. Guardado was shot in the back either five, six, or seven times, according to differing reports. No video of events seems to be available.

Guardado was working as an unlicensed security guard, not wearing a uniform, and possessing a .40 caliber semiautomatic pistol that was unlicensed. At 18, he was too young to be eligible for a security guard license or to legally own a handgun.

According to his family, Guardado was working two jobs and attending LA Trade-Technical College. He’d just bought a new car. He was standing in front of Street Dynamic Autobody where he worked security, talking to someone in a car, when deputy sheriffs Miguel Vega and Chris Hernandez stopped and got out of their car, with their guns raised. Guardado ran and the deputies chased him into an alley. Witnesses reported hearing multiple shots, and one witness said Guardado had surrendered, kneeling with his hands behind his head, when deputy sheriff Vega shot him in the back, and kept shooting after he fell face-down on the ground. The coroner’s report seems to confirm that account, based on the angle of bullets. Deputy Hernandez did not fire his gun, and Guardado’s gun had not been fired.

There has been no public explanation of the purpose of the deputy sheriffs’ pursuit of Guardado. Deputy Sheriff Vega has a history of various allegations of misconduct. Guardado had no criminal record.

A man from a nearby body shop told KCAL-TV, “We had security out front because we had certain issues with people tagging and stuff like that, and then the police come up and they pull their guns on him, and he ran because he was scared and they shot and killed him.”

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